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Generate excel based on the query from database using vue and laravel maatwebsite package

Posted 8 months ago by vincentsanity

Basically I got a query to get all the record based on the date from and to. I use maatwebsite package in laravel. The problem is if i click the generate button it will not generate an excel file. Im using version 2.x of this package because it is the stable one. Can someone help me with this? I just only want to print the results of the query in the excel format. I wont change the version to 3.x because if i do that, the import functions of the other component wont work for version 3.x . Thanks a lot

My controller, dont mind the dd just for test purposes

 public function generateReport(Request $request){

        $date = \DB::table('checkers')
        ->where('checkers.created_at', '=>', $request->from)
        ->where('checkers.created_at', '=<', $request->to)
        // ->whereBetween('checkers.created_at', [Carbon::now()->startOfWeek(), Carbon::now()->endOfWeek()])


        return Excel::download('users.xlsx');

If i hit the generate button i got error of Laravel Excel method [download] does not exist

Another problem for this is even if i dd the request, it returns null i dont even know what is happening, i got v-model in vue to get the request still cant show.

My vue component

 <form action="">
                   <div class="col-xs-4 form-group">
                        <label>Start Date</label>
                       <date-picker name="from" id="from" v-model="from" :config="options" ></date-picker>
                    <div class="col-xs-4 form-group">
                        <label>End Date</label>
                          <date-picker name="to" id="to" v-model="to" :config="options" ></date-picker>
            <div class="box-footer">
                  <a type="button" href="/generate" >
                    <button  class="btn btn-info">
                        Generate Excel

The script, in the routes.php, the route for generating is /generate and it points to the controller method generateReport

                    from: new Date(),
                    options: {
                    format: 'YYYY-MM-DD',
                    showClear: true,
                    showClose: true,

                    to: new Date(),
                    options: {
                    format: 'YYYY-MM-DD',
                    showClear: true,
                    showClose: true,
        created() {
            console.log('Component mounted.')

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