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"Friendships" - bidirectional many-to-many relationship

Posted 2 months ago by tomspeak

I am trying to enable two user's connecting, or becoming "friends", or "connections".

So I made a pivot table connections

Schema::create('connections', function (Blueprint $table) {

    $table->enum('status', ConnectionStatusEnum::getValues())->default(ConnectionStatusEnum::Pending());



Initially, it is a one-way relationship, with from_user_id asking to_user_id to accept the request, which would move the status to Enum::Accepted(), and accepted_at to Carbon::now().

Once a connection has been accepted, it now needs to be bi-directional. By that, I mean it does not matter who initiated the connection now, they're connected and that is all that matters.

I have got part of the way there, but cannot get both directions work, below is non-working code


    public function connections()
        return $this->belongsToMany(User::class, 'connections', 'from_user_id', 'to_user_id')
            ->wherePivot('status', '=', (string) ConnectionStatusEnum::Accepted())
            ->orWhere('connections.from_user_id', $this->id)
            ->orWhere('connections.to_user_id', $this->id)

Which creates the SQL

	"connections"."from_user_id" AS "pivot_from_user_id",
	"connections"."to_user_id" AS "pivot_to_user_id",
	"connections"."status" AS "pivot_status"
	INNER JOIN "connections" ON "users"."id" = "connections"."to_user_id"
WHERE ("connections"."from_user_id" = 1
	AND "connections"."status" = '2'
	OR "connections"."from_user_id" = 1
	OR "connections"."to_user_id" = 1)
AND "users"."deleted_at" IS NULL;

This means that only one side of the relationship is joined, who ever is in to_user_id. I need an extra join to check if the current user is in from_user_id.

I have looked at other solutions and ideally, would avoid making two queries that are then merged, or keeping two records per relationship.

Any ideas?

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