For those who find Homestead/Vagrant/Virtualbox slow on Windows

Posted 4 years ago by Dean

There are a few threads on here and in regard to how slow homestead can be on Windows. I appear to have solved this, or at least improved it drastically, without the negatives associated with some of the methods I've see mentioned.

Basically, you just need to change the VM to use a fixed sized 'drive' rather than a dynamically sized one. I'm not going to try write a guide on how to make this change on an existing vm 'drive' because it was a bit messy the way I did it, but there are a few guides you can find via google.

There are a couple of other tweaks I've done that improved speed slightly, but by far the most major performance increase came from the above.

Not sure if this has improve the random freezes I get when using vagrant ssh through git bash, but it's improved page loading substantially.

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