6 months ago

Event Listener with Popup Notification?

Posted 6 months ago by splendidkeen

Hello, I am currently thinking about a simple logic in terms of visually outputting a push notification or just a partial on the user side of the application, if a button is clicked on the second side of the application.

How should I approach my work towards implementing such a simple logic?

Current thoughts:


1) A method which includes the Event, which will be triggered
2) A listener to trigger the container notification (simple partial) at a chosen view

Where could I get a better insight on this logic? Maybe some documentation or articles?

How could I implement the listener logic within my view? Something like: if $session listened to this Event, show this container, with a button to X out or recognize the container for the user (like a cookie information, so if clicked the popup will be put into display: none?)?

How should I approach this logic?

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