Do you use XDebug?

Published 2 years ago by phpMick

I was just wondering how many other people use Xdebug?

I love it and as an ex-VB developer would be lost without it.

Got it working well with phpStorm.



In a past life I lived in a debugger while doing Java for about 10-12 years. Couldn't live without it. I gave PHP Storm and xdebug a go for awhile but just gave up on it... just wasn't as polished as Java debugging tools. I personally love sublime too much to go back to a big IDE for PHP.


I use xdebug with Netbeans all the time. Loving it.


I always use xdebug with PHPStorm.


XDebug with PHPStorm (perfect combo)


Absolutely, much nicer than the usual echo/var_dump/die.

It gives you multiple places you would otherwise var_dump() or dd() with. The breakpoints are also useful to debugging steps taking in loops. Really useful!

It's especially good when running things where output might be masked, such as if ob_* functions are used.

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