Deploying a Laravel project.

Published 6 months ago by skylar01128

I have completed a project and I now need to deploy it. I have used FTP to transfer the files to the server. The files are in a folder named myapp in the root directory.

I removed the public folder and placed it in the root directory in a folder named public (I did this because the root directory is already hosting a single page website and I can't remove those contents.)

I edited the path in index.php to route to /../myapp/bootstrap/autoload.php and /../myapp/app.php.

However, when I access the url/public, I don't see anything at all. No errors, nothing in the chrome console, nothing. And when I access url/myapp I get a 403 error.

I'm able to navigate to the url/myapp/resources/views/index.blade.php and I can see the index but there is no css or javascript because the page isn't linking correctly (which I expected to happen when I navigated straight to the view).

The file structure is listed below with "/" being the root directory.

        -all laravel content
    -static website contents

Thanks to anyone that can help, I really appreciate it.

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What I'd try do is have a symlink which points to the public folder.

If you hosting have a hardcoded document root path to say /home/srv623/, I'd replace the public_html with a symlink to /home/srv623/


also did you chmod storage folder?


What permissions should the storage folder have @lorvent?


I understand that this isn't the best practice but I changed the storage folder permissions to 777 and still nothing. Just a blank white screen.

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Is the server running at least php 5.6.4?

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what webserver are you using and can you setup virtual hosts?

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