4 months ago

DB update not working - Non-static method Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model::update() should not be called statically

Posted 4 months ago by ChrisF79

I'm running a simple script to count pageviews. It pulls the pageviews, increments the number, then tries to update the record. However, I'm getting the error in the subject line.

        $views = wp_popularpostsdata::where('postid', '=', $data[0]['id'])->first()->toArray();
        $newviews = $views['pageviews']+1;
        $postid = $views['postid'];

        $query = "update wp_popularpostsdata set pageviews = '$newviews' where postid = $postid";
        $newviews = wp_popularpostsdata::update($query);

        return view('')->withData($data);

I'm embarrassed at how easy this should be but I'm stuck!

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