Database design for a product with lots of fields

Posted 11 months ago by MrChrxs

Hello, I'm looking for assistance on how to layout tables for products that will have lots of fields.

I was thinking, 3 tables... A product table, a specifications table, and an images table.

Product table would have columns names of: id, name, price.. etc Spec table: id, product_id, spec_name(eg. Seats), spec_value(eg. 5) Image table: id, product_id, img_name(eg. banner_1), img_url(eg. /img/myimg.jpg)

There are about 18 Specifications per product. And about 4 image types(banner, product etc), with about 5-10 images for each.

I'm quite new to database design, and don't really know the best way to store a lot of data for products without creating a table with about 30 columns in it.

For a reference of what fields I'll be needing Imgur Img.

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