5 years ago

Customizing a Laravel package

Posted 5 years ago by BertStanton

I am wondering the best way to go about customizing Jeff's Laravel 4 Generator package, and having it available to me via Composer for all my projects.

I am familiar with creating packages, putting them on GitHub and then submitting them to Packagist. I have made two packages from scratch this way. However now I am looking to customize the Generator package. Specifically, changing the boilerplate templates, but there are also some of the package PHP files I will need to alter.

My first thought was to fork the original GitHub repo, make my changes, then submit that to Packagist. However, when I did that, Packagist told me there was already a package with the name "way/generators".

I'm thinking then I should update the "name" property inside the composer.json file, and Packagist will accept it. Is this correct way to accomplish this? Does that violate the rules and regulations of forking a project and submitting it to Packagist?

I realize this is more of a Packagist/GitHub question, but I thought since I was customizing a Laravel package this might the right place to ask.

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