i have add cacert.pem file and add correct path in php.ini file. then restart xamp server but still problem not fixed please any one help me. i'm running on localhost:8000 is it problem


I'm new to php and api requests, let me just say that :). My question is when testing on localhost:8000 laravel project with guzzle, none of the cacert.pem problem solving is working for me. The website api I'm hooking into just has a app_key and app_id to return json. My question is is the SSL noticed by just the "s" in https? so when I take the "S" off of https and use http, the request works. So for now I've made a constant with a blank "" and place after the http'.constant.'//url then in production I can just add the "s" to the constant and get the same result? Very new to this so just wondering.

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