5 years ago

Create a payment using laravel

Posted 5 years ago by ConsoleTVs

Hello, i am quite new to laravel, and even more to shooping online.

The problem is that I want to create a way to pay the diferents plans I've got in my website, looking forward paying with paypal, and here's what i found:

OMNIPAY: Using composer I've installed it' and the problem is that i don't know how is it working, because i found little documentation about it. You can see what I've got here:

The problem with the current code is that it does nothing, (I don't understand how it works tho..)

if anybody can help me with this, I would aprreciate it.

Is there any way to pay with paypal and the ncheck if the payment was successful using Laravel 5?

I found a paypal library but it's for laravel 4 :(

Any help is apreciated!

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