1 year ago

Compiling Assets

Posted 1 year ago by cac

I'm mostly backend developer and very weak on the frontend. Recently I wanted to learn frontend best practices in laravel and I ran into the compilling assets page in the official documentation.

i didn't quite understand the process and what it means or why I have to do it. I usually always open a script tag on my views and write all my JS functions but I was worried it isn't a good practice concerning security.

Also in the official documentation it explains about the MIX:

    mix.less('resources/less/app.less', 'public/css')
   .less('resources/less/admin.less', 'public/css');

I understand what those lines do but it is not clear to me where I should write that.

Can anyone please be so kind as to elaborate on the this topic in a easier way? Often I find the laravel DOCS very easy to understand but not this time.

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