10 months ago

Buying new MacBook Pro - Options?

Posted 10 months ago by Mick79

Hi sorry for the general nature of this but I'm genuinely interested in folks opinions.

I'm annoyed that Apple are only offering their top spec machines in the Touch Bar model. I MUCH prefer physical function keys, but I'm struggling to bring myself to buy a new machine that ISN'T top of the range.

I develop almost exclusively with Laravel, using Valet, on phpStorm. I infrequently develop apps on Xcode.

These days my video editing requirements are close to zero (probably actually zero).

Other than that I use photoshop and Lightroom heavily.

Do you think 16GB is enough? I want a 13" model this time and they only go as high as 16GB. The other factor is do I get the 8th Gen I7 processor (which means the Touch Bar) or get physical function keys but with the 7th Gen Processor.


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