2 months ago

Best way handling inbound mails

Posted 2 months ago by MUM

Hi there!

Currently I had a "task", extracting attachments from mail. I tried different solutions with different tools at linux command line, but any tool I had tested, has one or more cons, made automatic handling hard.

So, my next idea was using laravel

  1. extract "somehow" with php attachments from mails or
  2. with a online service, can receive mails and made it possible, let me access mailbox mails attachments over api

Now, for 1. i found for example the laravel-imap project ( After my experiments with the tools, I honestly have concerns that extracting attachments works in all situations. So I expect, a online service work more accurate. I dont speak about a big volume of mails per month (maybe 30-50 currently), so it should also not so expensive if a service exists how I want.

So maybe a question to all people, was in the same situation: How you solve it? Which online service (or maybe laravel package) you can suggestion?

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