1 month ago

Best practices for occasional coding on a large project?

Posted 1 month ago by schiffty

I have a side project I've been tinkering away at for more than a few years now. It's a fairly ambitious project given that my day job is totally unrelated to web development. I'm a freelancer in entertainment, so my jobs run 9 months to a year, and one of the problems I keep running into is that there's quite a lot of mental overhead and technical debt to overcome every time I come back to the code base in terms of not only reminding myself where I was at and what I was doing, but also trying to keep up with all the Laravel and other package updates that have happened in the interim.

My fairly general question, I guess, is what approaches or recommendations would you make when trying to create a complex project where your ability to make forward progress is limited to 2-3 month bursts per year?

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