Best Practices for Applying Complex-ish Subscription Rules

Posted 4 years ago by CrtlAltDylan

I'm excited because my application is getting to a point where I can charge customers ( awesome) and this means I get to implement a payment service.

I've already installed Stripe and Cashier as my payment and payment processing services. However I have some subscription rules that are somewhat complex. Here's just a small sample of the rules:

A basic plan has 1 Artist and 10 Shows. After 10 Shows a $Y amount is charged per Show.

A premium plan has up to 5 Artists and 50 Shows. After 50 Shows a $Y amount it charged per Show.

I will soon have to apply different rules to different user account types. What are some methods that you all use to verify that a User can perform certain actions? I'm thinking that this calls for a separate service altogether that's called on certain routes and before actions are performed:

 SubscriptionChecker::check($action, $user);

Will be responsible for simply checking if the user's account is able to perform the action.

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