4 years ago

Best Domain Registrar (Best place to buy Domain)

Posted 4 years ago by BENderIsGr8te

I did a search here and didn't see anything. I am looking for some general feedback.

I have been using GoDaddy for about a decade for my domains and I've frankly been fairly happy. However, over the past few years it's gets frustrating as they push to sell more and more products it makes their UI convoluted. On top of that, .COM domain's have increased in price every year for the past 7 or 8 years. GoDaddy, which once was one of the cheapest places to buy a domain is now in the upper middle costs wise.

So, who do some of you recommend to buy domains with the following considerations:

  • Affordable ($15 or less per year for .COM)
  • DNS Features (setting DNS Record details)
  • Easy to Use

Honestly, I wish Taylor Otwell would just make his own Domain Registar, especially if it integrated with Envoyer and Forge seamlessly haha. He makes complicated things fairly simple.

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