Awkward problem with Homestead

Posted 3 years ago by jkoech

Update: I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 and Homestead 2.0

I've been using homestead for some time now and it's been working well until yesterday: I get a 404 Not Found error when I visit a newly added laravel 5 project.

I've attached my Homestead.yaml & hosts file below and the first 3 projects are working fine, i.e when I visit it works perfectly but when I visit I get a 404 error.

I have tried halting, suspending, resuming the homestead box but still it isn't working!

Homestead.yaml file

ip: ""

memory: 2048

cpus: 1

authorize: /home/{my-user-name}/.ssh/


- /home/{my-user-name}/.ssh/id_rsa


- map: /home/{my-user-name}/code/safarisasa

  to: /home/vagrant/safarisasa

- map: /home/{my-user-name}/code/laravel

  to: /home/vagrant/laravel

- map: /home/{my-user-name}/code/laravel5

  to: /home/vagrant/laravel5

- map: /home/{my-user-name}/code/learnl5

  to: /home/vagrant/learnl5


- map:

  to: /home/vagrant/safarisasa/public

- map:

  to: /home/vagrant/laravel/public

- map:

  to: /home/vagrant/laravel5/public

- map:

  to: /home/vagrant/learnl5/public


- homestead


- key: APP_ENV

  value: local

Hosts file

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