Avored e commerce

Published 1 month ago by huvomivap

I am building an E commerce using an avored and as it mentions in avored docs i am building a module for my website. but I am stuck at how to add a menu on my front end part.

anyone here has use avored as their e commerce solution and knows how to do it?


thanks @bobbybouwmann i will try.


I found the solution. Thanks @bobbybouwmann it helps to solve the bug. they don't have docs for this but i figure it out with the code over here.


If someone want the code:

use AvoRed\Framework\Menu\Facade as MenuFacade;

MenuFacade::make('contact_us', function (Menu $contactUsMenu) {
        $contactUsMenu->label('Contact Us')

Glad you found out what the problem was ;)

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