1 year ago

Averages for each column in collection of items

Posted 1 year ago by raistie


This just seems to be relatively straightforward, but unfortunately I cannot find a simple solution.

With this collection of items/users, I want to just get to a single aggregated result that has the averages of each column across all users.

user colA colB colC colD

1 5 6 7 5

2 5 6 7 5

3 5 6 7 5

4 5 6 7 5

5 5 6 7 5

Desired result that has the average of all the columns across all users

5 6 7 5

At the moment I have to loop through each column to calculate the average score of all users (using avg), but surely there must be a less intensive way to just get the average for each column across all users?

Hope that someone can help with this issue.

Thanks so much!

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