4 years ago

Assets loaded only from last booted package

Posted 4 years ago by Kandown

Hi, I'm trying to build some packages and I stucked at this issue. I got two packages, two service providers for each. In service provider I put some stuff to be loaded after ServiceProvider is registered

public function boot() {

        include __DIR__ . '/Http/routes.php';

        $this->loadViewsFrom(__DIR__ . '/resources/views', 'users');
        $this->loadTranslationsFrom(__DIR__ . '/resources/lang', 'users');

            __DIR__ . '/resources/views' => base_path('resources/views/modules/users'),
            __DIR__ . '/resources/lang' => base_path('resources/lang')

This works fine untill I register the second package, which has also some views and translations etc. My config/app service providers looks like this.

// Other service providers...


Assets are loaded just from the Comments module. If I change the order in the config/app and Users are the last loaded ServiceProvider, then assets are loaded from Users.

Do you have any tips how to solve this, please?

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