Anyone else getting an odd composer update error today?

Posted 3 years ago by alexleonard

I started a fresh new laravel project last week and just came back to it to update a few things and make sure I'm keeping up with laravel/laravel develop commits.

First thing I did was composer update but this threw an error:

Could not load package phpspec/phpspec in [UnexpectedValueException] Could not parse version  constraint ^1.0.1: Invalid version string "^1.0.1"  

I did have phpspec/phpspec in my require-dev (although version ~2.1) so I commented that out of my composer.json and re ran composer update.

Sadly I still continued to receive the error.

I searched through my project for instances of phpspec/phpspec and none of them specify ^1.0.1 so I'm not really sure what's causing the error.

Anyone else getting this error on a composer update?

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