9 months ago

Anybody run Laravel and Wordpress in two different root locations with nginix?

Posted 9 months ago by ChrisF79

I do not want to mix Laravel and Wordpress so on my laptop I have something like:


(I know it looks like a subdomain but it is just a bad name I picked)

This should be so simple yet I bet I've spent 8 hours so far on it. All I want to do is have it so if you go to (wordpress in directory) it works in Homestead so I can test and work on the site locally.

I can get it to load the Laravel app. I can get it to load the blog at the root directory. I can't get it to load the blog at

I don't want to install Wordpress in /public/ within the Laravel app so that isn't an option. How can I configure nginx within Homestead to do this?

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