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Published 4 months ago by AidenAndrews

Afternoon all,

I am new to Laravel most of my PHP experience is self taught so i am by no way an expert.

I have been reading up on different frameworks for some time to find the best for my project and seem to always end up looking into Laravel so I think its time for me to start using it.

My project is going to require a multiple interfaces;

1 ) Frontend (Public Website)

  1. Admin Backend (For Employees)
  2. API (Json + XML outputs for Mobile Apps and 3rd party Access)
  3. Customer Portal (Similar Design to Frontend but for customers to access there private Records)

Each interface would operate on its own sub domain.

Each Interface would require it's own strict permissions dependant on the user logging in.

Each Interface should share majority if not all models

Once built and tested for data protection compliance this core system would need to be extendable by a modular based system probably git sub module based so that users of this system can customise it to be suitable for there use as much as possible without touching code.

Please can you all discuss and give advice on how you would personally go about this for me to test to see which one works best for my project.

It is highly appreciated.



for role permission I use :

and for debugging how many request and roles a user have and its permission :

for having less problem in syntax :

and for better notification looks I prefer noty :


Laravel-Permission, Laravel-Debugbar look useful. I don't use an IDE i tend to use VI or Nano via SSH straight on my dev server but thank you for the recommendation. For notifications I will keep that in mind once i start building the GUI's at this time im focusing purely on the routing and business logic. Thank You Amirjani



for seo you can use 1.

and 2.

these are worked for me fine when I use nano in straight dev server the second link is more usefull for me your welocome


@amirjani have you ever built multiple frontends with laravel seperated by subdomains?


Okay so I have done some digging and found that domain routing is one way to implement this, does anyone else have an alternative method if so why would you recommend it?


@AidenAndrews i don't get what exactly you've saying

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