Address not showing in Google Places

Published 10 months ago by samalapsy

Hi, please what can I do If my address is not showing in google places auto complete input box.

Please help me.


You need to add the place. Try this google reference.


@ejdelmonico My application actually allows user to add her address, while I get their coordinates and other information from the address.... My users are not knowledgeable to add their place on google map, Is there any other alternative to that..?

I was thinking about getting the coordinate of the location from where they are registering but the issue is that they might not register whil at home...It might be in transit....

So sir is there an alternative to how I can get the actual coordinate of their address.?


I use this to get information about places. It has coords available as well. Not sure if that is what you want.


@ejdelmonico I get your point but What i'm asking is an alternative. I might not know the location where the address is situated on the map. Is there an alternative way to getting user's location


Maybe I am not understanding exactly what you are looking for. It seems you have the address so the docs I sent will work. Google places api has a GeoCoding module that allows you to get map location for an address. Here is the link, if that is not what you are trying to do than maybe someone else has an idea.

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