1 month ago

Add subtitles on laracast lessons

Posted 1 month ago by spacedog4

Hey guys, I'm from Brazil and can watch laracast videos without a problem. I don't know how many of you, live on a country that English is not a native language, but I'd love to have subtitles on laracast videos.

It can begin with just english subtitles, and maybe add an option to the community add or correct subtitles.

A guy that works with me is looking on the entire internet for good and updated lessons of laravel, and he can't find, he would like to watch the lessons of laracast, but he doesn't understand english, I know that it is almost a requirement to a developer to know at least a bit of english, but in my country it is not that easy to learn english (second language on school is spanish and the courses are expensive).

How can we request Jeffrey to add this in laracast, and just to know, who else think that this is a good thing to be added?

Write down here you country or if you see your country in the comments, just like it.

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