4 years ago

Activities list producing error

Posted 4 years ago by jbowman99

Morning everyone!

My API went into some testing this morning and I noticed that when I delete a user i'm throwing an error in my activities list

Trying to get property of non-object (View: /var/www/obituaries/resources/views/activity/deleted_user.blade.php) (View: /var/www/obituaries/resources/views/activity/deleted_user.blade.php) (View: /var/www/obituaries/resources/views/activity/deleted_user.blade.php)

here is the deleted_user.blade.php

<div class="activitieslist">
        <td> Removed User: {{$event->subject->name}}</td>

my activities list is based on Jeffery Way's activity list lesson. not sure whats up?

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