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Accountless applications

Posted 1 week ago by andreasb

Good afternoon

I am working on a small application and I am thinking about getting rid of all the user-account stuff. It just generates data privacy worries in my view and it is not necessary for my small application.

At the same time, users should be able to add and edit their content.

So I am thinking if these two things are compatible? For example, if using Signed URLs (, is this a security risk somehow?

Let me elaborate a bit: while the internal structure of the application will still require a user, my idea is the following. I create a user which basically only has two fields: an ID and a hashed e-mail. A user can then "login" by entering her e-mail address and once she clicked on a signed URL, the person will be "logged in" and be able to edit her content etc - but there should be no profile to maintain, no name or picture to upload.

Basically, this means that this setup is as safe as a classical account with no 2FA because whoever has access to the emails of the user, has access to the account (via password reset). Right?

So my thinking is: lets implement some kind of 2FA by storing an additional secret for this user, for examle the user can provide a four digit code or a keyword or select a number of icons which - in combination with the signed links received via e-mail - should make things better security wise.

What do you think?

Thanks Andreas

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