1 year ago

Accessing mailgun webhook post array

Posted 1 year ago by DavidWeller01

What is the best way to filter through this data below. I am trying to access the subject in the header array but with no luck at all. I need to access the headers to cross ref in the database and update it's status. By the way this is only part of the post from Mailgun, i can access everything else except the message-headers

"message": { "headers": { "to": "Mr David Weller [email protected]", "message-id": "8326ffca98d45f37c85fe17c096f3359@www.hetasfitter.co.uk", "from": "Ramsbottom Stoves [email protected]", "subject": "Ramsbottom Stoves Survey Confirmation" }, "attachments": [], "size": 2510 },

Any help would be most welcome from a newbie...cheers!

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