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Access array variable for inserting into sql table.

Posted 1 year ago by jhutto

I know this is a simple question and I should already know the answer but here it is....

I have an ajax call to a controller but I can't figure out how to access the array variable being created from a query call.

What am I doing wrong.. .And I know it's something simple.

This line is not getting inserted into the table. 'NameCounter' => $assistant->get('NameCounter'),

I have tried... 'NameCounter' => $assistant['NameCounter'], 'NameCounter' => $assistant['0']['NameCounter'],

 public function courseasstAjax($casstID, $courseID)

        //Get NameCounter from Table of Course Assistants
        $assistant = DB::table('courseassistants')
        ->where('id', '=' , $casstID)
        //Create new record in SOMASCOURSEAssistants Table
             'ClassID' => $courseID,
              'NameCounter' => $assistant->get('NameCounter'),
      return json_encode($assistant);



I know the query is working because I can get it to return the array values in json....

0: {id: 7, NameCounter: 1649, FirstName: "Connie R", LastName: "Gabriel", Salutation: "Connie", …}
length: 1
__proto__: Array(0)

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