A design question. What if the customer don't upgrade? How can I limit the service?

Posted 4 months ago by behnampmdg3


It's a monthly payment system. The client can buy 3 account types:

1 - Basic, 2 - Pro, 3 - Consultant

Basic allows them to have 10000 emails in their account. Pro allows them to have 100000 emails in their account. Consultant allows them to have 200000 emails in their account.

They can add prospects emails to their account using my API endpoint.


If they buy a Basic account and at some point the number of the emails in their account increase over the limit:

1 - How can I give them X days to upgrade and what if they don't upgrade? 2 - How can I calculate the number of days they've been over the limit (without making things complicated and shet in the code)

I want to give them maybe X days notice. After that 2 things could happen:

1 - They upgrade 2 - They don't upgrade

What if they stay on the same account type? I can't cancel their account because they still paying.


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