A bit lost in all of this...

Published 7 months ago by francoboy7

Hi there

First of all, I wanted to say that your content and Website is AMAZING ! I've learned so much from all this.


I'm a beginner in all of this (laravel and also Vue) and I'm kind of lost in where to start.

I've followed the following

  • Laravel from Scratch serie
  • Learn Vue 2 serie

I am now looking at my next step. My knowledge in javascript is basic (variable, basic function etc.)

I'm tempted by the "Build a forum" serie, however it appears to be the step #15, of my learning laravel adventure, but when I take a look at the previous lesson, I feel like I'm in over my head with things like : socket. io and advanced eloquent technique

So here I am, contemplating all the lessons on laracasts and asking for advice. Maybe I'm overthinking this and I should jump on the forum serie, but let me know your take on this


Let me know

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I'd say go for it, try "Build a forum". It's current, starts with relatively basic tasks and shows you how tests can really help you. If your PHP knowledge is basic, let us know, then we can recommend other lessons first.

Take your time, pause often, follow each step, try to understand what's happening. If you try to change something, do baby steps. Don't try to change things where Laravel assumes something else (like naming things, using non-numeric keys in database tables) before you are more comfortable.

Don't feel like you have to use Vue. Vue is awesome, sure. But as a beginner you might get over your head pretty fast. Try to get around using Javascript until you understand what's happening on the PHP/Laravel side first.

Don't hesitate to ask questions. As long as you do it like you have with this question I'm pretty sure there will always be someone trying to help you. If you post code, be sure to quote it using the Markdown syntax. If someone asks for specific details, provide them. Put different questions in different threads.

Let's have fun ...


Build a simple app using what you've learned so far.

Todo lists are a cliche for a reason!

Before you jump into some more advanced courses, try and learn some OOP concepts and patterns and some moderate Javascript skills. It'll really help as a base for more advanced stuff.

If you jump into the extremely long forum series and find yourself a bit lost then don't be afraid to pause or rewind a video and play about in your own sandbox with some of the concepts being taught in a different way. Actually doing stuff will really help you get your head around things.


Thanks a lot for your comment

My PHP Skills are Moderate I'd say ;) I did build simple projects.

If you'd like to recommend some series for PHP I'm listening ;) (I did the PHP Beginner course).

Do you guys have any recommendation for Javascript Learning ?

To be honest I'm using the Lynda Javascript Essential course but they aren't as "interactive and fun" as Jeffrey's video...

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Try Wes Bos' Javascript 30 course. its free and made up of practical lessons for building things with javascript.


And there is lots of Laravel resources out there. Have a look on youtube. I can recommend program with Eric ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCshZ3rdoCLjDYuTR_RBubzw )

DevMarketeer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6kwT7-jjZHHF1s7vCfg2CA


Amitav Roy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gijXR8cM4gmEt9Olse-TQ

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Depends on what your 'moderate' PHP skills encompass ... :-)

E.g. if you need a refresher on object oriented stuff in PHP: https://laracasts.com/series/object-oriented-bootcamp-in-php

Don't worry about patterns, design principles, best practices and stuff like that in the beginning.

If you want to try something different every now and then create a 'playground' project (mine is called testbed) and try to replicate simple issues that are brought up on this forum. Try to understand what's going wrong and how it could be solved. Try the provided solution and find out why it works. But you should get a bit more familiar with Laravel before you try to do that.

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