A bit lost in all of this...

Posted 1 year ago by francoboy7

Hi there

First of all, I wanted to say that your content and Website is AMAZING ! I've learned so much from all this.


I'm a beginner in all of this (laravel and also Vue) and I'm kind of lost in where to start.

I've followed the following

  • Laravel from Scratch serie
  • Learn Vue 2 serie

I am now looking at my next step. My knowledge in javascript is basic (variable, basic function etc.)

I'm tempted by the "Build a forum" serie, however it appears to be the step #15, of my learning laravel adventure, but when I take a look at the previous lesson, I feel like I'm in over my head with things like : socket. io and advanced eloquent technique

So here I am, contemplating all the lessons on laracasts and asking for advice. Maybe I'm overthinking this and I should jump on the forum serie, but let me know your take on this


Let me know

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