[5.2] make:auth not adding middleware => web as shown in laracasts

Posted 3 years ago by s_chahal

I have been following the Laravel 5 from Scratch series and am having a few issues with the Authentication lesson.

  1. The "php artisan make:auth" command makes all the views and everything works find as shown in the lesson. I am able to register a new user, login and logout. No problem there.

  2. However when I try to reset my password I get an error. As mentioned in the less I set the mail settings to 'log' and I still get the error. Also my error is not a 'Swift' error but a 'Maximum Nesting Level of 100 reached' error as shown here

  3. I noticed that the routes.php file created during the fresh installation of the application as shown here does not include the 'middleware' => 'web' part as shown in the laracasts lesson

  4. I changed my routes.php file to be exactly the same as the one in the laracasts lesson - yet, it DID NOT solve the error. NOTE: All other functionality of logging in, registering a new user, logging out are all working fine. Only the password reset part is giving the 'Max Nesting level of 100' error

  5. Just to be sure I also checked the What's new in 5.2 Auth and Resets in Minutes lesson to see if the Laravel 5 from Scratch lesson was old or outdated. Even in the What's New video at about the 3 min 25 sec mark the routes.php file includes the 'middleware' => 'web' part out of the box.

I am running Laravel 5.2.32 on Win10

Could someone please let me know (1) Why is the 'middleware' => 'web' part not being included in the routes.php file out of the box. (2) Is this something related to the version of Laravel.

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