2 years ago

403 Forbidden

Posted 2 years ago by Opulido

I created a second project in order to test the Akaunting app ( https://akaunting.com/docs/installation ). What I did first was to create a second laravel project as you normaly do. I was able to use my browser to access that new app and I was getting the Laravel page.

Then I rename that new app folder within the /home/vagrant/Code folder and created a new folder with the same name and unzip the files from the Akaunting zip file into that folder.

If I access this new app I am getting a 403 folder error. In the app log file I am getting this:

2017/09/30 02:50:10 [error] 2265#2265: *3 directory index of "/home/vagrant/Code /Akaunting/public/" is forbidden, client:, server: akaunting.app, r equest: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: "akaunting.app"

If I rename the folder to something else, and rename the initial laravel folder to Akaunting, I get the Laravel page displayed.

Any ideas?


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