2 months ago

Upgrading MariaDB 10.3 > 10.4

Posted 2 months ago by shornuk


I've got a CraftCMS site happily hosted on Forge/Linode for several years now but I've just hit a problem.

I'm using an email plugin, which works perfectly well locally but when it performs the task of gathering how many recipients to send to on the server, it seems to choke and I have to restart NGNIX to get things functioning again.

The plugin dev has been looking into it too and when it happens I get the 'SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away' error.

I've checked all my settings such as wait_timeout etc and everything matches my local setup. The only difference is my local is on MariaDB 10.4 whereas the server is 10.3.

Am I right in thinking there's no dashboard means to upgrading to 10.4 and Forge still doesn't support it yet?

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