2 years ago

nginx 504 Gateway time-out with php.ini changed - works on local homestead

Posted 2 years ago by patrykszady

Hi all,

I can't figure this out -

I'm using snappy pdf to create a large pdf doc with images. the task is done within 30secs most times, and it always works as expected unless the process takes longer than 30secs. I changed all relevant php.ini settings on my forge ( /etc/php71/fpm/php.ini) and on homestead. It works on my local homestead but my production on forge always fails if it takes longer than 30 secs to create. This makes me believe Forge is ignoring the php.ini file? I checked and my server is using /etc/php5/fpm/php.ini which is the file that has changed. I have restarted php and nginx but I don't understand what could be happening.

Thanks for any pointers!

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