2 months ago

Managing Client sites with Forge & Digital Ocean

Posted 2 months ago by TonnnnUK

Hi, after managing my Laravel site on an apache server on shared hosting for several years I've recently looked into DO using Forge and like this method of managing things. It seems like the way to go.

I deal with client websites, mostly using Wordpress and would like to use Forge/DO to manage this.

I don't like handling the hosting for clients though and prefer that they sign up for hosting and buy their domains themselves.

My question is if I get the client to sign up for a DO account, then they hand me the credentials. Am I able to hook this account up to my forge account (which is already linked to my personal DO account). So that I am then able to create and manage servers for the client?

I've seen elsewhere about using the server providers section for access to other DO accounts, but wanted to ensure that this was the case for my Forge subscription type of "growth".

How do others who manage clients in this way deal with things on DO & Forge?


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