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Laravel Scale Network

Posted 3 years ago by ralee


Dont really have much Sysadmin experience, but I am now face with the difficult task of scaling my application network for 2 main purpose:

  1. Failover
  2. Load Balancing

below are some questions that I hope someone can share some guidance with me on.

With some hands on: I have set up a network consisting of: (through Forge) - They're not linked at the moment.

Load-Balancer, Web-server-1, Web-server-2, Database-Server

Ideally I am trying for this setup: Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  1. How do i configure jwt-auth to work in this setup. I understand the concept of using redis as my session driver to retain user session. Does redis has to be installed on the load-balancer? Or having it enabled through the web-app is good enough for it to work?

  2. Someone mentioned setting up stand alone servers for their queue jobs. Any idea on how i can achieve that? *Is it the right approach for my setup? Do I have to host a separate laravel application on it? I am currently using Forge interface for my queue workers.

  3. In the scenario of adding an additional Load-Balancer (through Digitalocean Floating IP), does both the Load Balancer needs share the same IP address? Assuming that users will be accessing them through the same URL (www.example.com) for example.

Please share.

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