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Laravel Forge - why is it so expensive?

Posted 1 week ago by aksargige4

Hi all, i dont really want to be offensive with this post, i am just curious why the pricing for this service is so high right now? From what i have read, this service started at 10 $ month, which to me feels like exactly that pricepoint i would be willing to pay for this service without thinking twice. It is also price which runcloud.io is sold (which is to my believe the only real competitor on the market). But price went to 15$ and finally to 19$ a month which pushed me to a state where i dont really know what to do. I mean i love Laravel and i would love to support its creator with paying for Forge, but objectively speaking its lacking in options against Runcloud.io and the price tag is nearly double... Also there is (i believe) very low costs associated with running this service, so why twenty dollard? All it really does is just ping-ponging commands, no need to run datacenters etc.

I may be completely wrong, please tell me what you think.

my issue has been solved!!

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