4 years ago

forge - We were unable to install a project on your server

Posted 4 years ago by Dosmukhanbet

Please help me,

When I try upload my repo I had this Error message - "We were unable to install a project on your server" But I've already installed my public key in SSH Keys tab

this this message details: Something went wrong when we tried to execute an action on your server. Sometimes this means we couldn't SSH into the server, or something may have gone wrong while executing a command. If error output is available, please review it below.

Error Output

Cloning into 'default'... /home/forge/.forge/ line 29: composer: command not found Couldn't Clone Repository?

Please make sure the following SSH key has been added as a "deploy key" to your source control provider account:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDAN8xAvIqwHpQ4GN5FVfON/5nvKUE8XgR1/xUju2Mk2GtReN6cevxeQq36q9xgFJOGw9v9bebcpdyzoyGAMRMzSv/xhO9u7SpM2RAraz0C1zhooBik2obm9zb+fN7y0Iz5N1EQ4iOCLA28YvMrWoYJATNbPl42foJVUfb85rbTKgyagyHucqef7TK5eQBuNh1E72PCaLVOGMHW6AyDDB2lcH65oS3Oxo6MhOdhMxNdUTLE7fPTytRXn+53wSfgF32tsyIsrg4Lmk9Xj40JKDiOgU6bG2v/MI9us2Ov7UHa0mxoUMkNjgsD7Gg6ScYkZqH2/4YBbL4DPdVHQsHn/hEx [email protected] Couldn't SSH Into Server?

Please make sure that the following SSH key is placed in both the /home/forge/.ssh/authorized_keys file and the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys file on your server.

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAAAgQC5AwxQuqtfZZNPVP0J+1zC9xZGxAnbqaUDV+sH83fQTjEaCK0JJzgKV9oCOr4k7Ud4ZC/PjNvkPsez9/XjYhtJpOhVjYPUutJNnfm1MIED9MTiJ9TufK5gkZ+9CQX/g7Yr5a+tif74IXbDMVhq9CZJWxGvft7bwtoFMgSSZC3htQ== phpseclib-generated-key You can test your server connection status on the Forge Dashboard, which contains a list of all of your servers. To test your server connection status, click the icon in the "Connection" column.

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