1 year ago

Forge support?

Posted 1 year ago by thomthom

Since 11th of February I've been trying to open a support ticket with Forge Support.

Originally I submitted my request via the Support Widget found in the Forge dashboard. However, there has been no response - not even a confirmation about received message.

Before when I submitted a ticket I would get an automatic response from BeSnappy which apparently was their support backend back then. After a week of waiting I dug up the old emails I had from earlier support and tried to send email to that. That also yielded no response.

Lastly I tried to email the email address for the last Forge email I got - the one about IP whitelist changes. That is also mute.

Getting rather desperate I have tried Twitter, mentioning @laravelphp but nothing but crickets. Most recently I even tried to message Tyler - but not response.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a reliable support contact for Forge? I'm dead stuck and it's getting close to two weeks soon. :(

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