5 months ago

Forge 'Scheduled' chron tasks stop firing

Posted 5 months ago by JonHennessey

Hi guys,

I have an app that runs numerous (around 30) chron tasks over the course of a day. I use chron as opposed to schedule:run because I have a ton of switches which fire dependent on the users timezone.

I admittedly had some errors in an old version of the code, but these errors have been fixed, and it seems that after they are fixed my chron scheduler has ceased to fire off at the times that are scheduled. I have set up a log command over the past two hours (at 10 AM and 11 AM EST) to see if the commands ran and they don't fire. When I fire them manually I get no errors.

I am wondering if I need to reschedule all my tasks due to the original error? I did artisan cache:clear, is there another command I may need to run besides clearing cache to make these commands fire again?

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