1 month ago

External redis host on Forge

Posted 1 month ago by tinfoilman

I'm pretty new to Forge, and I've done some searches on Google and Laracasts but can't seem to find anyone with this same scenario.

I have an existing large application running on Laravel Vapor that has a substantial Redis cache setup with it. I want this little Forge site to access the same Redis cache. I should be able to connect because I put the Forge server on the same VPC as Redis, and configured the security group for access. Basically, it's the same way Vapor connects to it, and it will be darn fast.

The problem is I can't figure out how to get Forge to point the a redis host! I'm able to use redis commands right from the get-go, which is pretty awesome, but what the heck is it connecting it? No matter what I put in my Forge environment file, it still runs off the same redis cache. The default Forge environment file says REDIS_HOST=, and it seems to mean nothing.

The Forge documentation talks about how to connect to the site's cache externally, but not how to connect Forge to an external host.

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