5 years ago

Does Forge run OK on a DigitalOcean 512Mb instance

Posted 5 years ago by psmail


I stumbled across this turn of phrase on the DigitalOcean help wiki -

Heads Up: If you're installing Laravel on DigitalOcean's 512MB VPS, make sure you add a swapfile to Ubuntu to prevent it from running out of memory ...

You'll find that here -

Anyhow, my question is in three parts - - Is this article on DigitalOcean correct? - Does Forge do this for you when setting up a DigitalOcean instance of 512Mb? - What is the general experience of those on a 512Mb Forge instance?

In my instance, I currently run my production server on a 1Gb instance. I don't get stacks of hits today ... certainly fewer than a thousand, within the space of about four hours, usually. This works out to about a hit every 14 second or so - i.e. not intensive at all.

Many thanks

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