2 years ago

Digital ocean - traffic

Posted 2 years ago by inyansuta

Our team is from Czech republic and we create website for customer in USA (in Laravel). I have suggested to forge and DigitalOcean. Unfortunately, our director rejected all hosting providers that pay for data transfer (Digital, Amazon ...) and chose InMotion hosting (one of the cheapest and not pay for traffic).

In other words, they fear that the end customer, for whom we develop site will have such an increase in users on the site that will be exceeded and the traffic will have to pay high sums for extra data ...

How can I argue for forge and digital ocean (where you pay for traffic)? Unfortunately I have no experience with these limits. If anyone has practical experience and at least approximate dates, please answer the following questions:

  1. What exactly is traffic (only outbound data from the server to the client browser)?
  2. How big is the transfer of data, eg. At 1000 daily users per month (roughly 5TB or 50TB ...)?

Please any advice, because I would very much like to take forge and DigitalOcean, but I do not know how to convince.

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