2 years ago

Connecting to MySQL AWS, Security parameters?

Posted 2 years ago by firemaps

Hi guys,

I am just after provisioning my first aws instance via forge and excited to get started

However, I'm having trouble connecting to mysql (pro, workbench)

I have been following this tutorial which is great, but it stops short of configuring IPs and improving security.

Do I need to whitelist certain IPs from forge on my AWS security group?

I found this article And added the IP/32 to my Inbound SSH but still can't connect

Also, I'm not sure... do I need to use the .pem publickey that was generated or do I use the traditional id_rsa?

Just noticed too that if I add those IP from forge to my SSH security group, I am unable to login to forge via ssh ...

Hope someone can help me. Could really do with an article on maximizing security for aws + forge

And yes I have added my ssh key id_rsa to forge and have connected successfully to digital ocean before


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