3 years ago

Can't connect to forge MySQL database from local deployment

Posted 3 years ago by mmacdonald

I'm working on a site and I have pushed it 'live' via Forge and GitHub.

My issue is that I can't connect to the remote database through a locally served site.

I'm not using homestead, I've been using:

php artisan serve

to view and modify my site locally while developing. My issue is that now that the site is live I need the actual database in order to test things. So i can't use the local DB (Keep in mind that no one is using the site at the moment.. so modifying the live site isn't an issue, despite common practices).

My config/database.php has all of the proper credentials but whenever I serve my site, it will run -> until I try and access anything from the db.

Any ideas how I can continue using serve but also use my remote DB? My only unfortunate solution so far is literally doing a complete git push ( add, commit, push) for EVERY little change I make, so that I can just view the changes on the live site.... starting to be a real pain in the butt!

Thanks for any ideas!

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