Working with many-to-many relations - filters and roles

Posted 1 year ago by rikw

Hi all,

I'm working on a project based on a legacy database structure. This turns out to be easier than I expected so I'm happy with that. Now I run into design/architectual issue/question with the m2m relationships. Let me explain....

I have users that can have multiple roles in multiple organizations. For this I have four tables:

  • users
  • organizations
  • users_organizations - user_id, organization_id, role_code
  • roles - role_id, role_code, role_name

With a hasManyThrough I relate the users to the organization through the users_organizations table. Because the entities are related through other fields than the primary key I need to configure those too. This works fine.

    public function users()
        return $this->hasManyThrough(
        )->select(['role_code'])->where('role_code', '=', 'ContactOrg');


My current hasManyThrough filters the users so I only get users with a role code of 'ContactOrg'. This is not flexible of course. What is the advised way to proceed?

At some points in my code I want to know if a user has a specific role in a specific organization. This is the reverse of the shown hasManyThrough. What is the trick to get this info? Maybe I can distill this from the answer to my previous question.

How would I incorporate the roles table so I can show role names in my application?

Thank you in advance for thinking with me.

Cheers! Rik

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