2 months ago

Using model variables in a relationship function

Posted 2 months ago by TristanKobalt

I am trying to constrain a relationship based on another relationship from that same model.

class CinemaRoom extends Model {

	public function cinema() {
		return $this->belongsTo(Cinema::class);

	public function bookableMovies() {
		$cinema_id = $this->cinema_id;	// $this->cinema_id appears not to be set at this point

		return $this->belongsToMany(Movie::class)
			->whereHas('movie_licenses', function ($query) use($cinema_id) {
            			$query->where('cinema_id', $cinema_id)->active();

However, the cinema_id attribute doesn't appear to be accessible. What would be a better way to expose this business logic from the model?

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